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Sunday, 24 February 2013

OMG! The Bed Bugs Envirozone Heat Treatment

Roger Mitnick  /  at  10:17  /  2 comments


Why use Envirozone?

Envirozone is a pioneer in heat remediation of bed bugs. We were the first to develop and offer this innovative technology in Colorado. With over 45-years pest management experience, we are the only company licensed by the State of Colorado to eliminate bed bugs using heat. Unlike our competitors, pest management is our only business.

Why can’t other pest control companies eliminate bed bugs?

As director of integrated pest management at a major Colorado university, the others don’t have the knowledge we offer you. Also, it has been proven that using pesticides to combat bed bugs only spreads the problem. Properly applied, heat kills all bed bugs from the eggs to the adults wherever they live.

Is your Bed Bugs heat treatment safe?

Yes, because we use heat and only heat to remove your bed bugs. We champion environmentally sound pest management practices and training. With our precise heat treatment process, there is no need to introduce pesticides and other toxicants into your home. Envirozone is truly a proven green alternative.

How quickly can you schedule service?

In most cases, we can begin our guaranteed heat treatment within 24-hours from our free inspection.

How long will the Envirozone heating process take?

We are capable of eliminating bed bugs from even large houses in one day. Our treatments are successful after 6-hours; however, some conditions require us to stay as long at 12-hours. We will heat as long as necessary to eliminate all live bed bugs and their eggs within your home, guaranteed!

I’ve heard that heat treatments are expensive. How much do you charge?

All things considered, Envirozone’s proven 1-day bed bug elimination heat treatments cost less than most conventional pest control programs. No deposits are necessary to schedule service. Contact us for your free, no obligation inspection today!

Does Envirozone have references?

Yes. We will be happy to send you a list of satisfied customers with contact information from our hundreds of successful bed bug elimination heat treatments.

Why are your heat treatments so successful?

Because we are the only heat remediation company in Colorado with the experience and knowledge to guarantee total elimination of your bed bug problem! As pioneers using heat to effectively remove bed bugs, and with over 45-years experience, we are not a flash-in-the-pan upstart that bought some heaters, thinking that they could earn a quick buck. It is a compliment, however, that others have tried to copy our proprietary treatment process.

What do I need to do to prepare for a heat treatment?

Not as much as for a pesticide applications. No discarding of furniture or washing of all of your belongings. Contact us today to receive one of Envirozone’s exclusive How to Prepare pamphlets, which guide you through this quick and easy preparation process.

Can bed bugs re-introduced after your treatment?

Yes. But from our years of practical experience in pest management, we have developed a number of helpful pamphlets to ensure your piece of mind by preventing a re-occurrence. We also design formal Action Plans for large facilities.

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