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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Bed Bug Dogs Training

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That’s Right!


Over the course of history human beings have created an amazing connection with our canine friends. And over that long history, we have realized that man’s best friend has some pretty amazing senses, particularly his nose. We’ve put that nose to use detecting everything from drugs, criminals, explosives, to even cancer .
So it should be no surprise that dogs can use their amazing senses to find pests. Hunting prey would be something dogs would do anyway so it’s an easy transition.
 This transition however does take training. We want the dog to detect bed bugs and only bed bugs, so years of training are still nessecary.


Once the dog is trained they are far more powerful than a person could ever be. Dogs can sniff out a single bed bug within a room, even those hiding deep within a matress, a place no exterminator will ever find them. They are quick and efficient often taking only a minute or two to search an entire room. This is highly efficient for hotel owners who fear they may have an infestation.


A dog can cover many rooms within a few hours saving you time and thus money and they’re minimally invasive. A room getting a passing score from a bed bug sniffing dog is also one less room needing expensive treatment.

Effectiveness in Bed Bug Dogs Training – Dogs effectiveness has come into question in the last couple of years, however, industry experts swear by them. The same concept applies to these dogs, as does the rest of the bed bug killing process. It’s effectiveness has more to do with how it’s implemented rather than if the method works. The method absolutely works. A dog has a 90%+ success ratio when trained properly. Trained properly being the key word. This is why some people started to question dogs effectiveness.

There were most likely a few less than scrupulous individuals who decided to bring their house pet into houses to do an “inspection” only to make their own determination. The dog was just there so they could charge $20 an hour. It’s these unscrupulous individuals that give bed bug sniffing dogs a bad name.

To  find reputable bed bug exterminators that implement canines as part of their overall strategy please visit our “Bed Bug Extermination” tab(coming soon) and you will be presented with a list of all of the best exterminators in your area. Many of them are part of the Better Business Bureau and Angies List for their business excellence.

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