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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Best Bugs Treatment at Home

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It may be true that the bed bug doesn’t feed on stuff such as filth and dirt.  However, it THRIVES in it!  It HIDES in it, and loves to LIVE in it!  So if you don’t want them to stay around for good, then you’ve got to invest in the best treatment for bed bugs at home.

As an investment, a bed bugs treatment doesn’t have to be costly.  If you do it yourself, the most you’ll invest is patience and hard work.

Just how hard can it be?  Well, as early as now, we’re telling you it just might take a total clean-up drive!

To make the job of a total clean-up easier, you’ve got to start with some pest control techniques.  If you apply a technique into what you do, you’ll be done in no time at all!  You’ll have covered the house task by task and area by area.

Here are various bed bugs treatment techniques that you can just perform in your home 

Technique #1: Sweeping

Do you honestly want to sweep away those bugs and throw them out of your house?  Then you’d better start sweeping!

These stowaways have been hiding in your home for far too long.  They’ve been happily stowed somewhere in your beds, cushions, wardrobe, and other furniture.

best bed bugs treatment
If you want to tell them that you’re up to something like a bed bugs treatment – and you’re only getting started – begin by sweeping the dirt off the surface of your floor.  At the same, wipe the dust off pieces of your furniture.  The tandem of sweeping and dusting will get you in the mood for cleaning!

Technique #2: Scrubbing

Uh-oh.  Did you hear right when we mentioned scrubbing?  Isn’t that a lot of back-breaking work?

best bed bugs treatment
Well, if you want to step-up to a higher level of treatment for bed bugs, then you’ve got to get down on your knees for a little bit of scrubbing and inspecting.  As a useful tip, it helps to use a stiff brush.  To make you feel safer and more comfy, wear gloves and use a brush with a longer handle.

Back to the goal of scrubbing, it’s to dislodge any live eggs from cracks and to clean off any bug-infested surfaces.

Technique #3: Vacuuming

If you’re going to level-up on a clean-up drive, then you can’t miss out on the chore of vacuuming.  Vacuuming alone fill those bags with volumes of dust and dirt you never knew you had!

Now if you think a little vacuuming here and there will scare them away, you’d better think again.  It will only prompt them to remove themselves from here and move over there where it’s untouched and un-vacuumed.
best bed bugs treatment

Thus, you’ll have to vacuum a room section by section.  The best area to start would be the bed itself.  Vacuum along the upper surface and move to the back of your mattress.  Don’t forget to blast at its corners, seams, and edges.  Continue on to the bed frame, bed stand, and all adjacent furniture.

Next follows the upholstery, so turn your attention to the carpet.  Start at the middle, and work your way to the sides and corners of your flooring.  Also work your way up to the walls.

And speaking of walls, don’t forget to vacuum particles off your window casings and door jambs.  Include accessories such as shelves, picture frames, and wall paper.

Now what to do with all the dirt you’ve collected?  Hands-down the smartest thing to do would be to bag them all up and keep them tightly-sealed for the next garbage disposal.

See how a clean-up drive can be the best treatment for bed bugs at home?  A regular SWEEP, SCRUB, and VACUUM routine will help you maintain a bug-free house – and a CLEAN one at that!

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  1. nice treatment i will do the same :)


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