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Thursday, 20 June 2013

10 Ways for Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Roger Mitnick  /  at  05:25  /  1 comment

10 Tips To Get Rid of Them

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs has now become a real challenge even for the Expert exterminators all over the world.

Bed Bugs are getting populated everywhere anywhere anytime without your presence and Its time that we should prevent bed bugs strategically rather than manually without brain.

  • Carefully wash, vacuum or clean all surfaces and bedding.
  • Dry-clean all the bedding and affected clothing. Use hot water and a dryer on the hottest setting every now and then.
  • Vacuum mattresses, using a powerful vacuum on cracks and crevices, then seal them in plastic and leave them outside in the hot sun for a long while or as long as possible.
  • Steaming clean the carpets.
  • Spray cracks and crevices with an insecticide designed specifically to control bedbugs. Please note that treating bedding directly with insecticide is not recommended.
  • Certain forms of deep-cleaning such as scrubbing infested surfaces with a stiff brush to remove eggs, dismantling bed frames and furniture, filling cracks in floors, walls, and moldings, encasing mattresses within special bags.
We have consolidated our amazing strategic top 10 tips to get rid of them with very less effort and through daily means of your activity

1. Check possible hiding places

Bed bugs don't just hide in beds. Look for them in:
  • Seams, creases, tufts and folds of mattresses and box springs
  • under mattress
    Cracks in frames and head boards
  • Underneath chairs, couches, beds and dust covers
  • Between the cushions of upholstered furniture
  • Underneath area rugs and the edges of carpets
  • Between the folds of drapery and curtains
  • In the drawers of nightstands, dressers, etc.
  • Behind baseboards
  • Around doors and window casings
  • Behind electrical switch plates
  • Under loose wallpaper, paintings, posters, etc.
  • In cracks in plaster
  • In telephones, radios and clocks

2. Vacuum every day

  1. Vacuuming is an effective way to not only remove bed bugs but to remove the dirt that offers them shelter. Vacuum each area thoroughly. 
  1. Turn mattresses, box springs and furniture in all directions, covering the entire surface area.
  1.  Pay special attention to creases, folds, seams and around tufts and buttons. 
  1. Also vacuum furniture, floors, baseboards and wherever you find bed bugs. 
  1. Empty your vacuum when you are done. 
  1. You may place the vacuum bag in the freezer for at least 24 hours before disposing of it to kill the bugs.

3. Launder your bed linens

clean bed linens
Cleaning Bed Lines can save you!
  • Bed bugs are sensitive to extreme temperatures. 
  • Wash your linens in hot water. 
  • If you are afraid that will ruin your linens, wash them in the hottest temperature possible and throw them into a hot dryer (140o F) for 20 minutes. 
  • This includes all linens, sheets, pillows, pillowcases, bed skirts and blankets. Steam cleaning is another method you can use if done properly.
  •  Any article of fabric can be saved with either extreme heat or extreme freezing. So don't be afraid to toss your favorite sweater in the freezer for a day.

4. Move the bed

  1. Move your bed away from the walls and make sure nothing touches the floor. Bed bugs can only crawl so make it as difficult as possible for them to get to you.
  2.  You can also use a mattress cover that zippers all around the mattress.

5. Seal up any holes

crack of a wall for bed bug
A Bed Bug can enter from wallhole
  1. Inspect every aspect of your home and caulk up any crevicesyou find, no matter how small.
  2.  If you find damage to furniture you may want to consult with a furniture expert. 
  3. Don't give a bed bug any possible place to live so seal up everything. 
  4. Repair peeling wallpaper and tighten loose light switch plates.


6. Cover those pipes

a broken water pipe
A Pipe broken can be advantage for them.
Bed bugs travel along routes created by any kind of pipes or electrical conduits so it is important to seal any openings where pipes or wires enter your home.

7. Inspect new furniture

Before bringing furniture inside, inspect it carefully. Even if that sofa is new, it doesn't mean the truck it was on didn't have bed bugs.

8. Use your nose

When a room is infested with bed bugs it may have a pungent, sickly-sweet odor that smells a lot like raspberries.


9. Pesticides

There are many new, improved and less harmful pesticides on the market today, but it is best to consult with a pest control specialist to determine the best way to get rid of bed bugs.


10. Traveling

  • ]a hotel to rid with bed bugs

  • Check Bed Bugs inside hotels 

  • Even the best hotels can be breeding grounds for bed bugs. 
  • When traveling, check your room for signs of bed bugs such as blood stains on the pillows or linens. 
  • Inspect mattress seams, look behind headboards and pictures.
  •  If you don't see anything, you should be in the clear. If you suspect you may have brought bed bugs home, place infected items in the dryer or freezer.
  • Bed bugs are difficult to get rid and your best bet is to hire a pest control specialist. 

However, these tips can help increase your odds on winning the battle against bed bugs. Just remember to inspect, clean and use extreme temperatures.


Treating the bites is only a small part of solving the problem, as the next step is actually getting rid of these unwanted visitors. Those often traveling to areas with a tropical climate are very susceptible to bed bug infestations, as the luggage they carry might become their new home. Seeing bed bugs crawl into boxes, suitcases and belongings is very difficult, as they are tiny, agile and cryptic. Homes not yet infested could inherit this problem from the use of second hand furniture, couches.

Those that want to remove bed bugs will have a difficult task at hand. Fabrics with holes and tears are perfect locations for them to lay eggs. During the 40s and 50s the use of DDT was popular, as it helped minimize the spread of bed bug infestations but was eventually outlawed due to concerns over their effects to humans.
Pest control firms have a wide array instruments to help prevent  from pesticides, aerosols and other chemical agents. Beds in poor condition or heavily infested should be automatically discarded. Regardless if the mattress is thrown out or not, encasing the box spring and mattress is very helpful especially if the bugs are still there.

Vacuuming could also help in  rid of bugs and some pest control experts even use portable steam machines to treat them. Whether the infestation is minor or major, bed bugs are always a pest especially for those that want to get a good night’s sleep. Perhaps, the most effective way to avoid a bed bug problem is to practice good hygiene and observe cleanliness.


Easy , If you dont want to remove them from your house,You will probably be ending up with a bed bug bite or bed bug rash

These bugs start to become a problem when they become hungry for blood. They typically stay in their homes in between meals and are only forced to go out if they are starving. The warmth of a nearby body is what attracts them but they cannot detect a food source that is around 5-10cm away.
Bed bugs use their highly developed mouthparts to bite and suck blood from the skin of an unsuspecting person. Engorgement time can last as long as seven minutes or as short as one minute. An adult bed bug can absorb around seven times of its own body weight in blood. They immediately retreats to its hiding place after feasting and then lays eggs again.
A person will only realize that he has been bitten by it once he discovers the large wheals in the affected part of the body. These wheals eventually develop into a tiny read mark that will stay for at least two to three days.
Bed bug bites can also be distinguished by the orderly way the wheals are formed, unlike mosquito bites that have a random pattern. It is always advised that the affected area should never be scratched to avoid infection and immediately washed with soap and water.
Bed bugs do prefer any part of the body that has good blood flow so the reproductive organs will always be included in their list of target spots.

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