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Friday, 28 June 2013

How to Recognize Bed Bug Bites?

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There is nothing better than taking a rest in the comfort of your own bed after a hard day at the office. Having a good rest will help you to get ready for the following day. Having said that, this peaceful scenario has the potential of being spoiled if you happen to notice small itchy bumps on your body the following morning. If you do in deed find yourself in this situation you may very well be the victim of bedbug bites. Not only will you suffer discomfort from the bites,  it is also well known that many people who have been the victim of bedbug bites suffer chronic sleeping issues afterwards.


Yes it is not very easy to recognize bed bug bites because the bites caused by bed bugs doesnt give any pain to you and they are also not much visible , But you will really get a strong smell around if you are being bitten by bed bugs or if your bed contains lots of bed bugs .

This smell can really be helpful for you to recognize the bed bug bites.

Bedbugs are quite small and belong to the Cimicidae family of insects. Common folklore would have you believe that bedbugs are too small to be seen, but this is entirely untrue. Female bedbugs can grow up to between 5 and 7 millimeters in length, and are easily visible by the naked eye. They are normally active during the nighttime hours and this will be when they feed on the blood of humans and even animals. Bedbug bites are not usually noticed immediately since the saliva of the bed bug has an anesthetic effect that delays the onset of itching, and people have varying reactions to being bitten.
Learning to spot the initial symptoms of bedbug bites can help you to treat them before they begin to itch and swell.  Bedbugs generally reside near your sleeping location. To be more precise, you can find them in the bedroom near your bed,  in fractures and crevices in the walls and floors, etc. A bedbug infestation is typically discovered only after the victim wakes one morning with bedbug bites usually concentrated in a group or cluster in an exposed area of the body, but can sometimes occur in a line across a larger area. A common misconception is that bedbugs are typically found only in sleezy, dirty motels or homes with poor housekeeping, but this can be completely wrong. In fact bedbugs are routinely found in the most respectable hotels, motels, hospitals, and even high flying commercial jet aircraft. Due to the bedbugs aggressive spread it truly is important to thoroughly inspect your accommodations since bed bugs can simply be carried from place to place in your luggage.

It isn’t difficult to see the difference between bedbug bites and the bites of other pests. However, many peoples have a tendency to confuse them. The bedbug bites are itchy and reddish and include a darkish reddish colored spot in the center. Bedbug bites are most often grouped together in small areas of the body but may sometimes be spread in smaller numbers over larger areas, or in areas of the body that are not blanketed at night during sleep. The the signs of bedbug bites do not appear in some individuals while other victims suffer from skin breakouts and hypersensitivity.
The symptoms of to recognize bedbug bites generally fade away own their own, but it is suggested to refrain from scratching them due to the possibility of microbial infections. Immediately after treating any bedbug bites the next step would be to ensure that you eliminate these bloodsuckers from the house. There are many control methods available for the do-it-yourself exterminator including steam heat, dry heat, environmentally friendly insecticides, etc. Do not use the typical chemicals used to control ants, ticks, cockroaches, etc as bedbugs have developed tolerances to these substances and are generally ineffective.

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