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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Make a Bed Bug Spray

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If bed bugs think they’re the only ones who know how to SQUEEZE, then they’re in for a shock!  Moms have now found something to squeeze on to, and this is a handy, all-around bed bugs spray. Remind household pests never to underestimate the wrath of a mom because they know how to deliver shock and awe, too!

What’s squeezing through your walls

To moms and dads everywhere, let’s first squeeze in a few quick facts about these pests and what they’re like.  Normally, bed bugs are flat-bodied insects which are oval in shape and brownish in color.  Upon feeding to the max, their body becomes engorged with blood and their color turns to a reddish hue.

Born parasites, they make that smooth transition from egg to nymph to adult in just a matter of weeks.  If you don’t interrupt this life cycle and disrupt it with the use of sprays that kill bed bugs, then you’re in for countless numbers of these pests which will plague you with their many generations.

Aside from their ability to reproduce rapidly and without control, they’re also notorious for one other trait.  This is their ability to crawl through the tiniest of spaces.  Even if this crawlspace is just a minuscule vertical crack or horizontal slit on your furniture, they’ll be able to squeeze right through it!

What modern sprays and dusts are made of

Since your locks and bolts are nothing compared to how these creatures find their own entryways, you’d better secure your homes with a bed bug killer.  With nothing criminal about exterminating these pests, it’s just more humane to refer to it as a pesticide or insecticide.

Modern, commercial pesticides have become friendlier towards families and pets, but they’re just as tough on insects and pests.  Formulated with a new solution, they are now made from the most natural pyrethrins and pyrethroids.  Made of plant-based and water-based ingredients, these substances are formulated into botanical compounds for sprays, powders, and dusts.  They are prepared in dilute concentrations, making them safe for everyday use.

Why not your make own bed bugs spray?

Instead of despairing about how & why pests keep invading your home, why not try a different approach?  Why not create your own homemade bed bug sprays?  There are easy-to-prepare recipes for them, and they are made with ingredients from insect-repelling plants.

Among the most effective ingredients to use are garlic, chrysanthemum, and daisy.  You can also experiment with witch hazel or pennyroyal oil.  You can scent them with floral extracts like lavender or thyme or minty extracts from lime or eucalyptus.  They each have their own recipe, with additional ingredients which are so common and everyday!
Now as to how to use it, watch and learn:  Much like operating a fire extinguisher, the technique in using a bed bugs spray is to point, squeeze, and spray!  Once you’ve got the trigger, you’re ready to fire away!  Simple as that, it’s a no-fuss piece of kit which anyone can handle.  Bottle and nozzle, it’s so easy to fill and refill!  All in all, it’s a hassle-free treatment which gets you quick results.

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  1. Even if the exterminations are done by highly efficient professionals, people must also do lots of things to eliminate these parasites from home completely. Therefore, public education and training are critical for developing effective Bed Bug Extermination strategies.


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