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Sunday, 14 July 2013

4 Bed Bug Pesticides that are Most Powerful

Roger Mitnick  /  at  11:18  /  No comments

Hey Have you tried many bed bug pesticides and is completely in vein due to Dis-satisfactory result ?

Dont Worry , You must have used the unused.

rubbing alchohol bed bug pesticide killed this poor being

Will Bed Bug Pesticides Work For Ever?

  • Will this kills bed bugs forever?
  •  is there a substance or special technique? 
  • what treatment does actually work?

When you have experienced some kind of pests before, you probably know how hard it can be to get rid of them. Knowing which substances and techniques work will give you a big advantage in dealing with the problem.

What should you choose? 

Especially with bed bugs it is better to take no risks and choose wisely. Although some relatively easy to perform at home techniques, like putting the bedding in the freezer do work for for smaller pests, it will not be sufficient anymore when other area’s are affected, such as the matrass and carpet. 

What about Petroleum jelly? This does prevent the bugs from climbing in your bed, but it will not exterminate them, instead when you’re “lucky” it will trap them on the legs of your bed.
It is not easy to get rid of bed bugs, but it is without a doubt possible. There are many companies specialized in exterminating bed bugs, making use of proven techniques, like bed bug heat treatment.  Many times these companies also give a guarantee on their work, so you don’t have to worry anymore. Of course it is also possible to do it yourself with one of the many products on the market.
Here are the 4 top ones we are talking about :

Temprid SC Pesticide

  • This insecticide makes use of the combined power of two chemicals, imidacloprid and  beta-cyfluthrin. 
  • This insecticide is active in two different ways, and therefore very effective.
  •  It is suitable for use in the house and outdoors, the places which are treated will be avoided by any type of bug, leaving your house at peace. 
  • This universal insecticide in particular what kills bed bugs and therefore very efficient for exterminating them, because after evaporation of the solvent the effect will last for about one month, also on harder surfaces

  • Temprid SC is very poisenous, so when you have younger children or pets, it is probably a better choice to pick a natural product what kills bed bugs, like EcoBugFree which is just as effective as Temprid SC. T
  • his product has a stunning 97% killing rate, which is very good for a 100% natural product and besides it will not put your pets or family members at risk. 
  • Another benefits is the fact this substance will not cause any allergies according to it’s manufacturer.

Bedbug Terminator

  • Bedbug Terminator is another example of a natural pesticide which is suitable for extermination of bed bugs. 
  • Minerals are the base of this substance what kills bed bugs, which makes it possible to apply it straight to the infested area’s without harmfull side effects.
  •  One downside is the fact you have to apply this solution three times a week to prevent the hatching of eggs, but it will relief you from any worries about affecting the health of your family or pets.

Rubbing Alcohol

  • Using Alcohol Last but not least there is also a grannie tip which is less effective, but will have some effect. 
  •  This method uses one part rubbing alcohol combined with two parts of water in a container with a spray cap. 
  • Spray on the infested area’s to have some direct visible results. 
  • What kills bed bugs instantly, is when they get in to contact with the rubbing alcohol
  • Only the eggs will not be affected which means you will have to track down and kill the very last walking one to make sure they lay no new eggs.
With bed bug pesticides ,The ultimate solution is without doubt a specialist with appropriate and effective methods, but this site will provide you with enough information to pick the right solution for your situation, don’t hesitate to have a look at advertised providers on this page, as they will provide more information about  bed bugs, local prizes and services.

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