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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Excellent Tips for Avoiding Bed Bugs in Hotels

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Bed bugs have become a major problem in North America, especially in big urban settings. We’ve all heard the news reports of families in NYC who’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to get rid of these parasitic insects. If you plan on staying in hotel for business or pleasure you need to know what to look for so these bloodsuckers don’t hitch a ride back to your home. Because getting rid of them can be an absolute nightmare and hotels are hot spots of these pests.

Fortunately there are steps to minimize the chance of bringing an infestation home. The good news is you’ve already started because you need to start before your trip begins. While it’s a good start to stay at reputable hotels, motels and other lodgings, these places can still have trouble through no fault of their own. Your best bet is to check out travel review websites. 

Many of these don’t have corporate interests and allow clients to leave honest feedback about their recent hotel and travel experiences. 

Often reviewers will post images along with their feedback documenting the existence of bed bugs. Of course this will help but it doesn’t negate the need for a good thorough inspection once you arrive in your hotel room. Your first order of business is to check the bed, linens, mattress (as well as seams and tags) for live creepy crawlies or evidence of recent activity. In addition to the bed, check out the area – about 5 feet – around the bed. Look at furniture, light fixtures, check nooks and crannies. 

Whatever you do, don’t unpack you bags before you conduct this inspection.  And if you find evidence, Preventing bed bugs is possible and can also demand another room on another floor or leave.

Tips to Keep You Bed Bug Free in Hotels When You Travel
  • While examining the mattress, in addition to looking for the bugs themselves (which resemble apple seeds in size and shape) take note of rust stains on the mattress, bedding, bed skirt, mattress tags and seams. Look too for black spots which could be bed bug faeces and tan or light brownish dried bug casings which young bed bugs drop during the moulting phase.

  • If you can move the bed frame, mattress and headboard, do it to look for potential  to bed bugs’ hiding place. They don’t actually live in the bed, just visit it when prey is sleeping, so you’re looking for the where they set up camp. Bed bugs live in groups so you are likely to find a bunch of them rather than a sole insect. This may seem like overkill, but then just think of the tens of thousands it could cost to exterminate these suckers from your home.

  • Always keep the luggage elevated on the baggage holder as far away from the bed as you can. Never put your suitcases on the bed. If there are bed bugs that you haven’t found, it is always possible one crawls into your stuff a pregnant insect could be enough to spark an infestation back home
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  • When it’s time to check out, inspect your garments as you’re packing up. In this case you’re looking for live bugs

  • And the first thing you should do upon returning home is to toss everything you can from your suitcase into the dryer set on high for 20 to 25 minutes. Hot temperatures kill bed bugs.  The dryer is your friend.

  • Again do not put your suitcase on the bed in your own home storing it in a closet or storage area.

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