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Friday, 12 July 2013

Check out the Bed Bug Cases All over the world

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Why Bed bug Lawsuits Are On Rise

Bedbugs are an ancient insect with ties back to cave dwellers. Until the late 1950's bedbugs were considered to be a problem in the United States. The discovery and application of DDT helped the infestation of decline. The question has become, why are Bedbug cases on the rise again?

Bed bug Legal cases are on the rise due to work visa's from other countries. 

When a migrant worker comes to the United States to work, they could bring along bedbugs. Due to the housing situations some companies have migrant workers living in, one or more workers carrying bedbugs could cause a larger infestation. 

Migrant workers are rare to tell of a bedbug infestation due to religious beliefs or risking their employment and being sent back to their home countries. 

Also, families coming to the United States visiting a worker could bring bedbugs with and leave them behind in a hotel or other accommodations they use while in the United States.

this guy had more than 40 bed bugs in his hand
A Case in California : Man catching 40 bed bugs in a tray
Bed bug Law cases are on the rise because there is more world travelers. bugs are easily carried in luggage from one country to another country. 

Those travelers bring their luggage into hotel rooms. This keeps introducing bedbugs into hotels. 

When one guest leaves a bedbug, if the hotel is unaware the bug is there, the next guest could take the bedbug with them. Bedbugs can reproduce and spread fairly quickly. This means if a bedbug infestation goes untreated to long, multiple people could be taking bugs from one hotel room.

Bedbugs have been found in high end retail stores which import clothing. bugs have been found in offices of people who deal with business traveler's worldwide. The cases in commercial areas are on the rise. You should know what a bug looks like and what to do if you've been in a place that has a possible infestation.

Another reason bedbug cases are on the rise is the United States has become more of a green country. Pest Control Companies have had to change the way they treat bedbugs. Instead of using sprays and harsh chemicals that often had longer effects. 

Pest Control Companies are limited on how much spray, if any they can use. They have had to begin using heat treatments, gel baits and other methods of treatments.

Bed bugs can be found in used furniture. With the down turn in the economy and people trying to save money, some people taking in used furniture will get a bedbug infestation. Use extreme caution when taking any furniture from the curb. It's there for a reason, leave it there.

 Use caution when receiving furniture from a rental company or a second hand store. You could be inviting a bedbug infestation into your home. Bedbugs don't just live in beds either, use caution when introducing any furniture into your home.
If you feel you might have a bedbug infestation, there are things you can look for and do. If you are a traveler or a user of used furniture or interact with people of such a lifestyle, you could be at more risk to get bugs. You should take extra precaution.

Anyone is able to get bedbugs. If you think you have an infestation, it's best to call the pest control company sooner then later.

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