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Friday, 12 July 2013

Bed Bug Habitat

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Where are Bed Bug Habitats?

Bed Bugs do not normally live or nest on their prey, as some other blood sucking pests do, they prefer to digest their meals and live elsewhere, finding us or other warm blooded animals to feed on mostly at night. Although they don’t fly, adult bed bugs can move surprisingly fast and although are most likely to be found around sleeping areas they could be congregating in any part of the household.
They don’t have nests as such but do tend to group together once an infestation is underway. the number one area for bed bug breeding is around the bed, in the seams of mattresses and box springs, behind headboards, and in any cracks and holes in the bed frame.
Popular also with the bed bugs are padded chairs and sofas which offer many suitable habitats and where they may be more difficult to spot. Again in the bedroom, clothes storage areas and carpets offer many places for them to live. They can also be found in any cracks and crevices, in skirting boards behind pictures etc. your pet’s sleeping area is of course also at risk.
What to look for. If you wake up in the morning with new unexplained itchy bites or a rash, particularly on areas of your body that are not covered during the night such as face, neck, and feet or if you should notice small blood spots on the bedding then you should have a closer look to see if bed bugs are the cause, and the sooner you locate them, the sooner you can start using the correct bed bug products to fight them!
You should use a strong flashlight and a magnifying glass if needed to get a good look at your sleeping area.
Knowing your enemy aids in bed bug extermination. the female lays one or two eggs per day, every day, which are tiny speck of dust sized white eggs stuck to the surface where they will hatch into sandy colored larvae about one sixteenth of an inch long. then they start feeding and quickly grow to adulthood by alternately feeding and shedding their light brown skin. Adult bed bugs are about three sixteenths of an inch long, rounded and flat unless engorged and a darker brown color.

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