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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

How to Know If I Have Bed Bugs in my Home, Do This !!

Roger Mitnick  /  at  23:44  /  1 comment


Many people do concerned on how to know if i have bed bugs and it is the most important question that they do ask themselves. The bed bugs are in the rise and most importantly in the senior housing as well as the low-income house. I have to know that every person i may get the bed bugs in their homes.  I have to ask myself this question, To know and if i have stayed in a hotel, if i have come from the hitch hiking or if i were in a public space. I have also to be careful if you do live in the multi family housing using the i baseboards or electrical wiring.

Inorder to know that there are bed bugs in your residence , You should first understand and learn how they actually look and how big they are.

All the bed bug exterminators in the world say 

If You Have any Items & unused stuff Under Your Bed , Then 90% Chances are You Have Bed Bugs in Your bed !

Wait There ! We Have more Ways on How you can realize that your house has more Bed Bugs from these :

First step to understand  if you have bed bugs

Here is the Infographic Covering all Elements which You could check to confirm for bed bug existence in your home.

If i am concerned about if how  whether i do have bed bugs when i check my house , 

I have to do begin by looking for any unexplained small spots of the blood on your pillowcase and on your sheets.

 I have also to look for the black marker spots on your body. However, the final thing i  which will let me know if i really have the bed bugs or not is to find its eggs or live and dead bed bugs. The blood spots, the markings and the bites i am considered to be the right identification.

The bed bugs normally have at least five life cycles and it is normally hard to find the eggs that have been newly hatched.  The eggs of the bed bugs are of the same size as the grain of the salt while the bed bugs may be the same size or shape with the color and the apple seed.

When i want the answer for how to know   that  bed bugs do there in your house is , the first place that i do is will have to inspect has to be your bed. The bed bugs may begin to nest and they can be close to the food source while i can also spread out when the population increase. 
When i begin the check, i have to begin to look into my mattress in the box spring if i have one. When i am looking for the bed bugs, i will need to have the flashlight i would be able to see the new bed bugs known as the nymphs. The nymphs will continue to be transparent up to the time that they get their first meals.

If i am are not sure about this question,  i can begin by capturing the specimen of the bed bugs and i can put it in the freezer, so that a specialist can easily identify it. The reputable pest control companies always need to identify my home first before they can treat it.


I Should also check each and every corner of my house to see whether any bed bugs are present in my house , Most chances that they exist near some cracked walls in my bed room only . I also want to see that there are any bed bugs in rat holes and tap holes so that i can avoid them . I Should regularly conduct inspection once a week covering whole house to prevent their existence .
this is the way how  you see holes in your house


Detection dogs have been around and been effective for over centuries in detecting bed bugs , So If you have money in hand , you could check out to try few sniffing dogs and see whether you have any hidden bed bugs in your home anywhere . These are mostly effective because of strong odor that erouses out of bed bugs.

Do you get itching and allergies during nights and early morning , May be you really have them not only somewhere in your house but also on your body !!

70% of victims dont even know that they have bed bugs in their beds until they get bitten by them.

When your home has been infested by the bed bugs, it will cause me to have the stress; it will consume my time to be able to eradicate it completely. It is important if i can be able to identify the bed bugs early so that i can eradicate them in cheap way. It is important to be able to identify the bed bugs early because it is the easy way to reduce the bed bugs.

An Ignored Detection for Bed Bugs

  • First Makes them to store under your bed
  • Then Get Up into your Bed Bug Mattress Linings
  • Waits and Waits Until you sleep
  • Bed Bugs Finally takes advantages and crawls inside your clothes
  • Gives a Strong Bite without any sort of pain(you dont even know it has bit you)
  • You discover a strong Odor and A Rash on your Stomach or the affected area.

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