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Saturday, 6 July 2013

15 Ways on How Do you Get Bed Bugs

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Lots and lots of places and residences are getting affected with bed bugs , but how actually do you get bed bugs ?

The bedbug injects you with an anticoagulant in order to keep your blood flowing as it sucks, and it also inserts a numbing agent so that you do not feel it while it is biting you.  Bedbugs may be hosts to organisms that can cause Chagas' disease and hepatitis B, but they are not known to spread disease to humans.  Usually if you have been bitten by bedbugs, you will be able to take care of it through home care.

 There are certain conditions that are perfect for bedbugs to thrive.  First, they love to live in tropical areas, even though they have been found in different kinds of climates.  They also are more frequently found in apartments, hotels, and homeless shelters where there is a higher turnover rate than they are found in single family homes.  If you have pets, bedbugs may enter in this way too, as cats and dogs may bring bedbugs into your home. 

In summary, what are some ways that you can become exposed to bedbugs?


how you get bed bugs do
  • Travel:  Bedbugs are often found in hotels around the world.  When traveling, the bedbugs will crawl into luggage and return home with you, only to find a new place as an unwanted resident in your home.
  • Clothing:  While bedbugs can travel on clothing, this is rare.
  • Your Job:  If you have a job in which you travel to people's homes, you would be at higher risk for bringing bedbugs back home.
  • Guests:  If you have guests in your home, they may bring bedbugs with them.  This is more of a worry with overnight guests who bring bags and luggage.
  • Living in an apartment:  Any home in which the residents are transient is more at risk of bedbugs than a person who owns a home.  Bedbugs also can live or crawl in the spaces that exist between walls, so bedbugs from one apartment can move to another.
  • Buying Used Clothes or Furniture:  Be sure to inspect these carefully, as bedbugs may have already found a home here.
  • Wild animals:  Although rare, this is a way that people can get bedbugs in their homes.  Birds and bats are the most common animal to bring bedbugs to you.  
  • Hostels : Most of the hostels and places of temporary residence are left uncared and hence you are likely to have more bed bugs on their mattressess , So be careful when you join some hostels and enquire about bed bugs with your friends who previously joined it.
  • MESSED BEDS : If you keep messed up bed covers and all torn off things on your bed , this could really be a good advantage for bed bugs to grow inside them . Make sure your bed covers and liners are not torn and cleaned daily.
  • Hotels : You dont know that the hotel you resided in actually may have got some bed bugs and it have travelled to your home from the hotel 
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