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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Few Best Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs Easily

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How to Prevent Bed Bugs Easily

No one is certain how bed bugs first came into existence but one thing that they do agree on is that these parasitic bugs particularly with so much fake information out there on their prevention, it can be a real nuisance. 

The Best , First and Foremost important thing that you should do to avoid bed bugs to come in your home is 


This could be probably be the NUMBER 1 Tip to save you from them.

Bed bug populations have been increasing all over the world since the year 2000. Many hotels, public buildings, college campuses and community organizations have all experienced an increase in bed bug infestations since this time. Bed bug populations were almost eradicated during World War II when these bugs were making life miserable for G.I.’s stationed overseas. Since that time these creatures have managed to find their way back into society.

 One of the key things for any humans is to both avoid bed bug bites as well as any other signs of infestation.

prevent bed bugs before they lead into a rash on your body and save from allergy What Best to Do

One of the best ways to keep bed bugs out of a home or an environment is by preventing their spread. There are a variety of ways that a person can use to eliminate the spread of bed bugs and they include checking clothing and luggage when they travel and making sure that their environment is free from as much clutter as possible. When an environment is as clean as possible, bed bugs will have a hard time finding new places to run and hide when it comes time to eliminate them.

Checking through clothing drawers and closets will also help people to find and locate bed bugs. Bed bugs can attach themselves onto these items and many times they often go unnoticed. If an individual washes their clothing at a local laundromat they should check their clothing items before bringing them back. Though excessive heat that comes from dryers is good at eliminating these pests some of them can still survive and remain inside of clothing.

  1. Cold is another temperature extreme that bed bugs cannot survive in. 
  2. These creatures need warm environments to thrive and keeping an environment below 32 degrees for at least 7 days in a row will completely kill off a bed pug infestation.
  3.  This might not seem like a realistic solution for most people, especially businesses.
  4.  But residential homeowners who are able to leave their homes for this amount of time can eliminate their bug problem without the use of an exterminator.

 Preventing Bed Bugs with Household Items

  • Another way to restrict them from entering into a home is to check furniture and bedding before they are brought inside. This also should be done if the items are used or second hand.Using a vacuum cleaner to remove bed bugs is an excellent way to eliminate these creatures and to prevent them from coming back. Once a detected bug population is discovered they should be swept up with a small portable vacuum that can be easily cleaned or discarded all together. The bags that contain the swept up bed bug creatures should be thrown away in an outside dumpster or trash can.
  • Another proven method on how to avoid from entering or coming back into a home is contact professional exterminators who are capable of removing these pests. They can use safety measures and treatments that will eliminate bed bugs and keeping infestations from reoccurring. These steps on how to avoid bugs should help to keep a home free from these unwanted pests.

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