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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

We Will Tell You How to Use Bed Bug Spray

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Before you can be sure that you have the bed bugs, you need to present the eggs or live bed bug to be hundred percent that you have the bed bugs. Even if having the bite can be a better inductor that you have the bed bites, you have to remember that they cannot make someone 100 percent sure that you are suffering the bed bites. The inspection has to be conducted by the qualified professional in the pest management.
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Pre-treat the area for use of bed bug spray

If you want to get rid of the bed bugs using the bed bug spray, you have to begin by per-treating the area. You have to begin by reducing the clutter since they can make the inspection easier. You have to take care when you remove the things from other areas where the bed bugs can be transferred.

Take care to remove personal things

Before you use the bed bug spray,

  •  you have to make sure that you removed personal things such as the blankets, soft toys or stuffed animals.
  •  You have to clean them using the vacuum cleaner and they have to be bagged into the plastic bag for at least some days. You can also try to dismantle the frames of your bed so that you can expose other different hiding sites for the bed bugs.
  •  You have to remove the drawers from the dressers and the desks and you have to ensure that you turn your furniture over before you can clean all the hiding spots. The furniture will have to be pulled away of the walls before you use the bed bug spray.  

In case the fabric has been torn, you will have to remove all the fabric so that you can prepare for the use of the bed bug sprayTo make sure that the spring and the mattress has not been infested, you can use the certified encasement. You will not have any problem of treating your mattress when you use such encasement.

Things to remember when using bed bug spray

If the bed linen or the garments are not able to use the insecticide, you may have to use them in the hot water. You can also put them in the dryer so that they can work. You will have to scrub all the infested area so that you can dislodge all the eggs in the area. After using the bed bug sprayyou will have to use the vacuum attachment to remove the remaining bed bugs.

 You have to make sure that you vacuumed the buttons, the bed seams, the foot-boards, the headboards, the rails and the bed stands. Before you use the bed bug sprayyou may be required to use the bed bug detection system in order of knowing where there is a dense population. 

However, you should not trust such devices 100 percent because lack of the bed bugs may not mean that you do not have any bugs around you.

 When you use the spray, you have to remember to spray around the bed and in the baseboard near the bed. You should also spray in the door, door-frame and in the closet.

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