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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Identifying Bed Bugs in Your Bed Room

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How do know if you have Bed Bugs In Your Bedroom

So You thought that bed bugs were under control and some of us even thought for a while that they had been eliminated in the western world. Wrong! There had been,in the past, close to elimination of bed bugs during the 1950′s, where the use of DDT was used, but after the banning of DDT the plague has returned over the last decades and with a vengeance. So the vital first step is to know if you have bed bugs in the home and that’s not always by simple observation of the bedding in the home.

So many women ( and a few men) are fastidious household cleaners and they rightly think that because of the cleaning being thorough that there is no possibility of bedbugs being in the home. Wrong again! Infestations of bed bugs has nothing to do with the cleanliness of homes. A good comparative infection is the lice infections in some schoolchildren. Lice infections in the hair of children has nothing to do with cleanliness and its the same with bed bugs.

The problem begins with the ignorance about bed bugs because so many people have no idea what even bed bug looks like. To study some bed bugs pictures would be a great help to those who are ignorant of their appearance and damage they can do . The bed bug is a great hider and crawl out from there lairs at night in the dark and do their work. As daylight approaches the bed bugs will go back into hiding so that while you may have mysterious bites on your body but you don’t see any bedbugs and then make the wrong conclusion that you have none in your house.
Before you get stressed out thinking how to kill bed bugs, try to establish if you do have bed bugs. Once you know that for sure it’s killing time.

How Do You Know If You Have Bed Bugs If You Cant See Them ?

Its important to know that bed bugs can be visibly seen and easily. They are not flea size or lice size they are bigger and easily visible. They compare to an apple seed in size and are of a reddish brown in color, oval shaped, flat and wingless. So you can see them easily when they are out and about however they are only out and about at night and as already stated in the daytime go back to hiding.

In terms when they are most active it would be just before dawn and in terms of where they hide out they are always near the host, which is you,and they stay in the living areas where they access the human skin. The bed bugs symptoms are also evident by a sweet sickly smell which they give off. Add to this the reddish brown stains they leave on sheets and you will know clearly enough if bed bugs are with you in the bedroom.

So if you are on the hunt to find the elusive bed bugs you have to start lifting hidden places in the bedroom and bedroom furniture.

If a female bed bug had lain eggs, you will see some white nymphs there. However the obvious giveaway sign to know if you have bed bugs is when you see excrement stains and shed skins on the bed sheets.

So if you want to find them when they are actually active and then you need to awake in the early hours say about 2 or 3.am because that’s when they are at work. If you then remain reasonably steady while moving slowly off the bed you will be able to see the bugs at work on your sheets. Then once you definitely know you have bed bugs you can then begin the process of eliminating them -and that’s another matter.

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