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Friday, 12 July 2013

Natural Cure for Bed Bug Bites?

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 The Best  way  for curing bed bug bites is too get them 

relieved first soothe them to eliminate pain , right?

I had never even heard of bed bugs before I experienced 

them, and I thought that the nursery rhyme was just a fictitious 

tale… I was wrong. 
natural cure could be better
If you’ve ever experienced bed bugs and their terrorizing 

bites, you’re most likely involved in a search for a solution… I 

think this may help more than just a little. see,
 I was told many different things could help alleviate the 

itching sensation, the swelling and scratching that is prevalent 

after being bitten by one of these parasites, ranging from 

alcohol to anti-itch creams to Benadryl. Yes… Benadryl. 
And for those of you who aren’t super allergic to the chemical 

that’s injected 
into the skin after being bitten, they may work just fine, 

because you just don’t 
itch as much or may not itch whatsoever. however, after doing 

some research, I picked up on some clues as to what might 

truly help alleviate the itch for those 
of us who are very allergic to these bites: ICE!


See, scratching the affected area doesn’t help us one bit 

a) it increases the swelling of the bitten area and 

b) it increases the heat of that area, which only serves to 

augment the itching sensation, which will make you scratch 

even more. 
Believe me, there is no way you’ll resist the urge to scratch if 

you’re very allergic… you’ll go crazy first. you can see the 

pattern that eventually leads to infection and further 

Icing the affected areas down will virtually nullify the itching 

sensation, decrease swelling and altogether prevent you from 

having to scratch. in amatter of one day you could rid yourself 

of these agonizing little bites. just remember that this is only 

one step to alleviating the whole dilemma; the best step to 

take against bed bugs is to prevent them altogether, which is 

simpler than you think.
If you’re a constant traveler, always wash your clothing and 

dry them in a dryer, not in the air. the heat will kill any bugs 

that may have caught onto your clothing, however, your 

luggage bags are an area of concern too! Simply vacuum 

them down and empty the vacuum dirt bag into a dumpster 

and that’s that. 
Pets, neighbors who have pets or anyone that lives close to a 

bed bug infested home may drag them into your home 

unknowingly, so it’s always good to sweep every crack and 

crevice of the house and mop the floors down with steamy hot 

water and some type of detergent such as bleach or Palmolive 

or Pine Sol. Bed Bugs are very hard to contain once they’ve 

invaded your home, because one of these critters can lay up 

to five eggs daily. Extermination is costly and may only work 

temporarily because they can hide between walls and hard to 

reach areas. Always check behind and inside furniture, 

pictures on the wall, drawers, cracks and crevices in every 

part of the house and even electrical receptacles aka electric 

There you have it, my solution from personal experience and 

some very well needed tips to bed bug prevention! 

Remember, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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