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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Bed Bug Odor and Canines for Detection

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To determine if your hotel room has a high level of infestation, you must be aware of their odor. And if the Bed bug infestation is low, the scent will not be evident. As a matter of fact you may have to be bitten first before you realize that there are Bed bugs in the room.

 Bed Bug Odors: 

 Usually you will detect Odor when you have a bite or rash from bed bugs.When your hotel room has a certain sweet, musty and sickly smell that is a sign of a high level infestation as this is the scent Bed bugs release. More often this scent can be found on mattresses and on headboards. There are even times when the soft or chair may have that scent as well. If so, you may want to check if they have cracks or any other damages as Bed bugs may have easily made their home there. 

dogs sniff bed bug odor which has a sickly instant scent

 Bed Bud Detection by Canines

 The use of Canines in Bed bug detection has become popular in Boston despite numerous feedbacks that it wasn’t effective and unreliable.

 In cases of high level infestations, visual inspection is effective, but in low level infestations, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack and numerous inspections may have to be done just to find any indications such as eggs, feces or exoskeletons. This is why canine detection of Bed bugs is reasonable.

 It has been noticed that canine detection is definitely effective after an inconclusive visual inspection and if the canine handler has been well trained and takes time to verify the areas where canines are kept alert.
 It is also essential that the handlers have no financial interest with the outcome of the inspection thus ensuring that they are not making fake analysis or reports just so they could prolong the inspection.
It is essential that the canines are reinforced daily and are certified by a credible K-9 academy. The reliability of all canine detection methods heavily depends on the company homeowners choose.

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