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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Suspecting a Bed Bug Infestation ? Here are the Action Steps to Follow

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How Bed Bugs Behave and Why?

  • Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that feed when their host is asleep and as they smell their victims by sensing body heat and carbon dioxide that humans let out. 
  • Bed bugs prefer to cluster into crevices because they opt to be closer to their food source for them to be able to multiply easily. 
  • They choose to live in warm surfaces like wood, cloth, paper, plaster or cardboard but avoid surfaces made of metals, glass, stone, concrete and tile. 
  • In cases when a human host is unavailable, they will feed on animals such as dogs, cats and birds and even rodents.

Because their bodies are not to be susceptible to heat, they can easily dehydrate when exposed to heat and temperature over 100°F, especially those in the nymph stages.

Bed bugs are difficult to control, prevented and eliminated. They also are found in second hand furniture and are also transported by that furniture, clothing and other belongings. Although Bed bugs cannot fly or jump, they are fast runners thus able to make a quick escape after feeding. Bed bugs do not transmit diseases but their droppings can cause asthma.

PERFECT EXPLANATION : How Bed Bugs Bite on Your Body 

Bed bugs have a tube like structure that is called a rostrum that folds below the head when not feeding. 
Once it is to feed, the rostrum unfolds to pierce their host’s skin. A pair of mandible that has serrated edges inside the rostrum cuts into the skin and a pair of maxillae follows through. 
Once a blood vessel has been located by the maxillae, a salivary tube injects anti-coagulating saliva to prevent the blood from clotting as it is sucked out or rather pumped out through a food canal.  
The bite is responsible for the physiological responses towards humans that can even cause severe reactions due to the presence of proteins in the saliva for certain people. For others the reaction is delayed and may not be as severe compared to the latter.

It is because of the sudden surge of Bed bugs cases, the Inspectional Services Department  strives to educate inspectors, exterminators, property managers and the public about Bed bugs, its prevention and effective extermination. 

 They make it a point to prioritize areas that have a high level of infestation while educating and offering residents the proper knowledge about Bed bugs and inspections. In doing so, they also reach out to other areas to promote awareness that is important to keep residents safe.

As bed bugs thrive in cracks and crevices where humans sleep, they also survive in furniture, books, electronic devices and creviced items. Most of the time, you will know that Bed bugs exist in your home if you see exoskeletons, blood spots and dropping stains in the bedding, mattresses, headboards, walls and furniture.

There are many steps to take when you suspect that there is Bed bugs infestation in your home:
    Place double sided tape around the edges of the bed or mattress to be able to capture escaping or approaching Bed bugs and then secure them in a sealable plastic bags so you can properly have them identified
    Collect all pieces of clothing and have them washed and dried in hot water and settings, then keep them in sealable plastic bags till the entire house has been cleaned.
    Wash and dry all bed covers, sheets, blankets, and pillow cases in hot water and settings and then keep them in sealable plastic bags till the entire house has been cleaned.
    All non washable items such as shoes, coats, toys, curtains and pillows can be placed in a dryer and set at a high temperature to kill Bed bugs.
    Eliminate and reduce clutter to prevent any possible hiding place
    Vacuum carpets, rags, couches and everything that can be vacuumed and scrub surfaces with a hard brush and soapy warm water to dislodge any attached Bed bugs or eggs.

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