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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Stunning Tricks to Prevent Bed Bugs to Enter into Your Mattress

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The most common problem that you have probably faced while carrying out the eviction of bed bugs is to locate these insects. In fact, you will never like to be troubled by these insects while you are sleeping at night after a stressful day of work in the office. At the same time, it is difficult to get rid of these insects for keeps. If you have not achieved success with bed bug powder or spray, you can try the bed bug mattress cover that is made of plastic. Using this will not allow these bugs to survive in the dark corners of the bed. Bed bugs require moisture, and they also feed on human blood. If you buy a regular plastic cover for your mattress, moisture will still remain trapped in the inner layers of the foam.

Tricks Using mattress cover for prevention of bed bugs

  1. The most effective method of getting rid of these bugs is to invest in a mattress that is essentially waterproof. 

    Check this 10 Year Warranty Waterproof Mattress Protector

    2. Using plastic cover will also help you to spot these insects while they are roaming around in the dark corners of the mattress and they are big enough for covering the entire mattress 
    this is how you cover your entire mattress within plastic covers
    Cover Your Entire Mattress Like this
  1. The worst part of dealing with bed bugs is that most home owners are unable to locate the problem until the entire family has suffered from their bites particularly the children. Even when it is detected, most people begin with bed bug powder or spray although it is difficult to predict whether these methods are fully effective.
  2. As far as bed bug eviction is concerned, the trick is to make the mattress completely free of moisture as it is considered as the common breeding ground and condition for these annoying insects.
  3.  On the whole, wrapping the mattress with a cover will not allow the bed bugs to hide in the deepest layers or corners of the mattress. 
  4. However, there are a few things that should be considered while buying a cover for your mattress particularly for keeping the bed bugs out of reach at night. In other words, the cover that you will buy should be thick in order to prevent the entry of bed bugs.

Tricks to get rid of bed bugs After Infestation

  • The real trouble is that the bed bugs are so small that they will always find a way to enter the mattress.
  • However, the age old methods such as sprinkling bed bug powder along with a spray can be effective when left for about an hour.
  •  If you are not sure about products or materials that are available for killing bed bugs, you can try to find out the effective methods and techniques of dealing with these insects on the internet.
  • Bed bugs are a source of menace because the bites cause allergic reactions in the skin.
  • If you are genuinely trying to get rid of these insects, you will get lots of products in the market although it is necessary to assess the veracity of the products before applying them for killing the bed bugs. The most important thing is to identify the source of these insects before thinking about strategies for killing them.

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    be at least several months. However, conditions are usually more challenging
    for the bed bugs living in human dwellings than they are in the laboratory
    (finding food, fluctuations in temperature and humidity, the presence of
    insecticides, avoiding being crushed, etc.) and these conditions will have a
    negative impact on bed bug survival. A recent laboratory study has shown that
    starvation has a negative impact on bed bug survival. This modern study European
    studies conducted in the 1930s and 40s when it was determined that bed bugs
    could survive periods of starvation lasting more than one year. While this may
    have been true for individual bed bugs in the UK living at very low temperatures
    ( If, you can kill the eggs in your bed, that is the key. If you determined heat
    treatment is too dangerous or expensive, now what? First, Encase your bed to
    kill the eggs so you won't be overwhelmed. Second, Make sure there are no
    problems with your bed. Third, the new corral for the Bed Bugs is a dim light
    going 24/7 where the Bed Bugs can be drawn to and removed with masking tape. As
    new Bed Bugs arrive, at your home, they will move toward the light.


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