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Thursday, 21 February 2013

OMG , Bed Bug Rash ? Check Facts and Treatment !!

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Bed Bug Rash are more common nowadays but let us look how they came into origin 

More than half a century ago, bed bugs were a rampant problem and almost every home was infested. They were exterminated mostly by the use of some very hash chemicals that were almost as bad as the infestation itself. While they were brought under control for many decades, they are now a problem again, due in part to the banning of certain pesticides and that most people thought they were eradicated.

Most Important Symptoms That You Will Observe on your SKIN :

Unfortunately, because of this, their numbers have been on the rise and can often be found in hotel bedrooms, not just in the United States but also around the globe.



According to A Small survey in 15 cities of america , It is proved that more than 97% of bed bugs arise in teens and young children who donot keep their beds clean and always throw off things under their bed . Among this 97% of homes , 75% of homes are infected with bed bugs ,out of which 53% of them donot even know that they had bed bugs in their bed and finally become a victim of these bloodsucking parasites.

Read More about Bed Bug Rash and How they occur :

The biggest problem is that they love to hide in tiny cracks and crevices and don’t come out until you are asleep.

 The other problem is that their bite is virtually painless and can take up to twenty-four hours for an allergic reaction to occur; so many people don’t associate it. Then there is also the underlying fear of these pests in general, nobody wants to admit they have them.

Bed bugs can get into your home in many ways. The can ride unsuspectingly in your clothes, and luggage. If you have stayed at a hotel, whether domestically or internationally, they could have come home with you. If you spend the night at a friend’s house that has them, you could have unknowingly brought them home. It doesn’t take long for one or two of them to turn into hundreds or thousands in a matter of weeks.

infographics picture on bed bug rash facts

Within twenty-four hours or so after being bitten, there are some definite signs to be on the lookout for.

One is small red dots on the skin, usually in areas that are uncovered, neck arms and legs. However, rashes can occur anywhere on the body.Below is a  picture of a man suffering with bug rashes on his stomach .

bed bug rash on stomach

Click on the following links for more Rash Pictures like above :


 These rash dots can be in a line pattern, of two or     more, sometimes in little clumps. 
They are usually raised bumps that are extremely irritating and itch.
 They can look like little bite marks, raised bumps and even small welts on the skin.
Both the itchiness as well as the rash can last up to a week or more and can be very irritating.
These Rashes take More than 2-3 Months to disappear completely on your body even after taking medication.
There is no special in specific medication for bed bug rashes , You need to apply some antiseptics inorder to avoid burns or pain caused by them.
Bed Bug Bites mostly dont turn into rashes unless there numerous and big crew of bed bugs lying inside your mattress
The Bugs mostly bite on stomach , hands and feet and face which are mostly uncovered and external when you sleep in the night.
If you suspect bed bugs, this issue needs to be addressed immediately. There are several things you can do to get rid of them if you have them in your home.
If you pull back the sheets and see a bunch of red or brown dots on the mattress, especially around the cracks and crevices, these are bed bugs. You need to strip the beds bare, as well as any cushion covers for chairs and couches, as well as any other place that can hide them.

QUESTION : Are Bed Bug Bites and rashes same ?

ANSWER : No , They are not same , A Bite is observed once the bed bug bites usually on the next day or within few hours , However if left uncured , A bite might turn into a rash However without any signs of pain incurred.


All materials must be thoroughly washed in soapy water and put in the dryer at temperatures over 113 degrees Fahrenheit. While you can’t put your bed and larger items in the washer, renting a steam cleaner will do the trick. Bed bugs as a species can’t survive in these and higher temperatures. If you can afford to, hire a professional to come in and take care of the problem for you. If not, then you need to make sure you get into all the places where they like to hide.

Whatever the cause, bed bugs are here and bed bug bites are something you should learn to recognize in case you have them in your home.

QUESTION : Will this spread any contagious diseases?

ANSWER : Fortunately, they  don’t spread any contagious diseases.


It is a bit disgusting to think that they might come out and feed on your kids at night though, and since the bed bug bites are painless, you may not even know it.

Of course, you may soon suspect bed bugs once your child develops a rash. With an appearance like many other common bites, bed bug bites often appear as small itchy raised red areas on exposed skin – usually a few days after your child has been bitten by bed bugs.


Nowadays youth have motivated themselves in such a downmind that they are willingly getting bitten by domestic bed bugs and creating red spots since the there will not be pain with bed bugs.

bed bug rash on a guy's body

This is not a fashionable Trend , The Red Spots can lead to skin infections & bacterial infections .

I Kindly Advise everyone not to Encourage harmful fashions like this.

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  5. I live in a apartment complex and the people upstairs have bed bugs could they come down to my apartment

    1. Well we have adressed your problem below , please check it and let us know.

  6. There are many chances that bed bug love travelling , So Have they come to your house and sat in your beds,sofas or any such places?

    Did you went to their house and sat on their bed ?

    Is there any pipes or tanks directly connected from your house to their house..

    If you say yes for the above questions,then are high chances that bed bugs from their house can travel into yours.

  7. Good to know about this information on the bed bug rashes. Couple of months ago, I found symptoms of bedbugs at home and immediately hired one of reputed pest control agencies in the city that provides quick services. They provided organic treatment for this problem.


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