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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Kill Bed Bugs Strategically Using 5 Brilliant Ways !

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Kill Bed Bugs Strategically - Say Bye To Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the creepiest parasites present on this planet. They belong to non flying insect's family and are very tiny in creature. They usually crawl into the cracks and holes at any part of home.


Don't take any type of risk while treating bugs. Always take a help of professional while eliminating these bugs.

The Old school way of bed bugs termination is to Kill bed bugs with the help of professional. The bites of these bugs are really very painful and itchy, more than the bite of a mosquito. Bite of these bed bugs does not transform into any disease but a little rash is developed on the skin and itching sense. Health organizations across the world have confirmed that there are no diseases that are caused or spread by bed bugs. But, a little bit of the saliva are left under host's skin by these bed bugs, but nothing to panic about because they don't cause or transfer diseases.

Generally , You can see what bed bug exterminator does ! But the problem with working with exterminators are that 

1) Firstly , Its costly and you would need to pay for their travelling cost meanwhile.

2) Actually more than exterminating the bed bugs in your house , he would actually make your house messy if not done carefully.

3) Another main problem is exterminators are not available in all cities and small towns , They mostly work for houses which are located in major cities and if you leave in a rural area definitely this is not a better option.
4) Next is that the fumigation gas expelled out can cause health problems with your lungs.

So , You should find some more better ways to kill bed bugs yourself which we will discuss at later sections of this article.

If you are planning to remove these bed bugs through a pest control from your house hold then you have to make a strategic plan which should be well executed.

 Before you call up for a pest controller you have look out for these bed bugs in each corner of the house where you suspect they can form a colony. 

  • Usually these bed bugs live in a crack and small holes which are very small. 
  • They can be under your bed mattresses or at the corner of the bed. 
  • In the wooden panels or cracks. 

It is a usual thinking that these bed bugs live only in filthy places. Which is a wrong concept? Usually they reside at a place where human resides usually. Because they live at a place where human exhale carbon mono oxide. So look out for them especially in your bedroom. Where you spend most of the time at night. 

As these bed bugs attack at night. You have to be ready to throw or discard many things in your house, which may pose as a possible habitat for the bed bugs inside your house before you inform the professional pest controller. 

Ok , So What are the New School Ways to Kill Bed Bugs??

1) Why dont you use bed bug pesticides?

Here are the list of Top 4 most popular powerful bed bug pesticides that could terminate any volume of bed bugs

2) You can actually use a Bed Bug Steamer.

3) Create your own Effective Bed Bug Spray , Dont buy them.

You dont want to spend a penny , yet want to Exterminate all bed bugs efficiently. Then 

4) Implement a Heat Treatment , Here's How



No Oxygen

Yes, that’s right. 
  • Every being on earth needs oxygen to live, even bed bugs.  So the solution to get rid of oxygen for bed bugs is to wrap all your mattresses or other infested areas in a plastic wrap.  
  • This will block any oxygen from entering the inside of the plastic and once the oxygen is used up inside, the bed bugs will die.
  •  But I’m afraid to tell you that this will not kill all the bed bugs as there will always be few stray bed bugs which hide somewhere else but this is a step that kills most of them and I suggest everybody to try it.


  • Pour rubbing alcohol into a spraying bottle and spray the entire bed including the bed frame, mattresses, and the area around it. 
  • The alcohol will kill the bed bugs and their eggs which makes it a very effective weapon. 
  • You can also spray it on your furniture or wherever else the bed bugs are hiding.

Extreme Heat

  • This is one of my favorite. I found this to work very good and it’s very easy to do.
  •  Just get a heat gun at a local appliance store and then heat up the places where the bed bugs are hiding.
  •  Don’t heat them up too much as the things will start to burn.
  •  Bed bugs hate extreme heat, and they will be running away like cowards. Make sure you hit all of them with this.
  •  Do this daily until you are rid of them for sure.

Extreme Cold

  • Very cold temperatures are also what kills bed bugs. 
  • There is no real way of creating extreme cold temperatures except for putting your things inside a walk-in freezer which seems like a bother. 
  • The only way to use cold to your advantage is during winter. When going out somewhere open your windows wide and leave theme like that. If it’s cold enough on the outside, it might kill the buggers.


  • If you can’t take the bed bugs anymore to the point where it’s messing with your mind then there is one solution left. 
  • It is to use some chemicals to get rid of these insects. The one that I was very fond of was an insecticide dust. 
  • You apply it around your house in the cracks and crevices where the bed bugs are hiding. 
  • You can also apply it in under the mattress, bed, or anywhere else the bed bugs might get in contact with it. 
  • Once they get in contact with it, the bed bugs will dry out as an effect and die. 
  • Insecticide dust is a much safer alternative to bug sprays which are more harmful to humans but if you feel more comfortable with sprays then you should get it yourself as it is just as good.


 You have to dispose them totally. By doing so you are not only eradicating these parasites from your household but also preventing them to enter into yours neighbors. If you do not do so then these might even enter again your house crawling to form a new colony for them.

 Usually bed bugs live for more than one year without food so, there is every chance of surviving of these bed bugs if you are not burning them and disposing. You can also carry these parasites packed in a air tight bag with the house hold item in which you suspect they live in and carry them to far from residence place and then dispose them.


  • The best way to keep these bed bugs away from your home is to live in clean and hygienic place. 
  • Beware while you travel and when you stay in a hotel or motel. Avoid the hotels if you think that the room is infected with these parasites. 
  • And while leaving the hotel do check your belongings and make sure that these creepy creatures do not travel with you in you return to your sweet home. 

  • Because many a times they do. Always check in at good hygienic hotels. These bed bugs stick to your luggage and baggage and in return to your home are not a good pleasant experience. So avoid them by taking good precautionary measures.

Regular check ups of rooms and visits from professional pest controller is advisable as they know more about infestation of pests than you can possibly know, ever. Their help and advice must be sought when ever you wish to know if bed bugs have infested your house or if you wish to get rid and banish them from your house. So precaution is the best method to avoid these bed bugs from entering your home forever.

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